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Sharp Edges

     by Krentz, Jayne Ann

Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges is a romantic suspense novel centering around the world of art glass. Eugenia Swift, director of the Leabrook Glass Museum, and Cyrus Chandler Colfax, owner of an exclusive security firm, are thrown together for two weeks at the Glass House. She is there to inventory the glass collection which has been donated to her museum - and to secretly look into the murder of a friend and artist. He is there to provide security for her (much to her chagrin) as well as to look into the possible murder of the Glass House's owner - and to secretly search for a black market piece of historic art glass. Of course, Eugenia and Cyrus have a strong sexual attraction, which she at first denies, but then they wonder if it will become love. 

Although the romance is somewhat predictable, the underlying mystery is good and there is quite a lot of information about art glass. The characters of both Eugenia and Cyrus are well-developed and believable. The novel is a fast read due to the suspenseful nature of the plot.

Reviewed by mb, 11/00. Other reviews by mb.