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Carrie Hall Blocks

     by Havig, Bettina

Carrie Hall Blocks

When Carrie Hall became a quilter, she decided to piece a quilt block for every known patchwork pattern. She was aided by many friends, as most quilters are, and the result of this ambitious task was 850 blocks made between 1900 and 1935. Today the collection of blocks is housed at the Spenser Museum of Art in Lawrence, Kansas. In this book more than 800 blocks are printed in full color 2" x 2" photographs which are so clear the reader can almost feel the texture of the fabrics. Each includes the name of the block and the original size of the block. 200 blocks also include patterns and templates, some of which have been adjusted to sizes more appropriately used today.  

This book may be used by quilters looking for historic patterns or fabrics or just looking for some "new" ideas.

Reviewed by mb, 11/00. Other reviews by mb.