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Bark If You Love Me: A Woman-Meets-Dog Story

     by Bernikow, Louise

Bark If You Love Me: A Woman-Meets-Dog Story

This book is not your typical fuzzy puppy story. Native New Yorker Louise Bernikow lived a self-contained lifestyle in a small Manhattan apartment. She was definitely not a dog person and didn't understand those who were. That held true until one fateful day when she was running through the park and encountered a pitiful male boxer in need of a home. Woman-meets-dog and her life is changed thereafter. As she stumbles through the first few weeks of owning a dog, learning through the advice of the dog people she meets in the park, she falls in love with the dog she names Libro. Libro opens up Louise's life to include not only other dog owners, but people she used to just pass on the street or do day-to-day business with but with whom she never really interacted. At least one of her encounters with Libro will offend some dog lovers, but most will forgive her errors, as Libro does. Living with (not owning) a dog forever changes Louise's life for the better. 

This is a very funny book, not just about dogs but about people in general and New Yorkers in particular, and gives a glimpse of a big-city life. The book is small and a very fast read.

Reviewed by mb, 01/01. Other reviews by mb.