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Night Whispers

     by McNaught, Judith

Night Whispers

Sloan Reynolds is a self-assured policewoman in a small Florida beach community. Fiercely independent, she grew up with her mother after her wealthy father abandoned them and took her older sister Paris to San Francisco to live a life in society. Never having communication nor support from her father, she at first rejects his post-heart attack invitation to join him and Paris for the Palm Beach society season. However, an FBI agent working undercover convinces her to accept the invitation and take him along to enhance his investigation into the suspected shady dealings of her father and his associates. All is going smoothly until Sloan meets Noah Maitland, a neighbor and business associate of her father. Noah sweeps Sloan off her feet with his mixture of power, wealth, and good looks--but can she trust him? When a surprising murder takes place at her father's estate, the evidence points towards someone inside the house. Sloan herself is a suspect and is forced to question her trust in all the members of the household. 

Judith McNaught is well-known for her romantic suspense novels. Although Night Whispers contains predictable romantic situations and resolutions, the mystery plot line is quite good. With enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the end, the fast-moving plot makes this a page-turner.

Reviewed by mb, 1/01. Other reviews by mb.