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A Darkness More Than Night

     by Connelly, Michael

A Darkness More Than Night

Retired FBI profiler Terry McCaleb has created a new life for himself on Catalina Island with his wife and new baby after his heart transplant operation. When Jaye Winston, a sheriff's detective, travels to the island to ask for help in the murder investigation of a victim named Gunn, McCaleb feels the passion for his old life returning. Meanwhile, homicide detective Harry Bosch is preparing to testify in a high profile case involving the murder of a young actress by an arrogant film director. As McCaleb reviews the sheriff's case, he finds that Bosch was connected to Gunn through a prior arrest and had visited Gunn each time he landed in jail for drinking. Over the protests of his wife, McCaleb becomes involved in the case and a descent into darkness that could threaten his new life..  

In A Darkness More Than Night, Michael Connelly has brought together series police detective Harry Bosch with Terry McCaleb from Blood Work to create an outstanding crime novel. Investigative reporter Jack McEvoy from The Poet plays a cameo role. Both Bosch and McCaleb are complex men who struggle with the cost of their work to themselves and to their personal relationshps. They confront their own inner darkness as they battle the monsters in their society.

Reviewed by ds, 2/01. Other reviews by ds.