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Quilts From the Civil War

     by Brackman, Barbara

Quilts From the Civil War

This book is both a history of quilts and the women who made them during Civil War times. Author Brackman describes the differences in quilts of the North and South due to the textiles available (or not) during the war as well as the different cultural viewpoints of the women making the quilts. For example, Southern women tended not to gather in groups to sew for fundraising or charity, while Northern women had a history of doing so to support emancipation prior to the war. Unfortunately, not many Southern quilts survived the war for reasons discussed. The book's very readable text is supplemented by photographs of quilts and women of the times, as well as by diary entries and other household items and textiles. Patterns and instructions for nine reproduction quilts and examples and ideas for additional quilts are included. A timeline at the beginning of the book outlines historical events both during and leading up to the War.  

While this book is cataloged with other books on quilting, it is just as valuable a resource to someone interested in Civil War history.

Reviewed by mb, 3/01. Other reviews by mb.