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The Container Kitchen Garden

     by Atha, Antony

The Container Kitchen Garden

The Container Kitchen Garden describes ways in which gardens can be created in the limited spaces available to many urban residents. The book starts out with a section on how to properly design container gardens, and highlights ways in which gardening can be done in specific areas such as patios, balconies, and window boxes. The main thrust of the book is a section on container garden basics. Topics such as choosing appropriate containers, choosing and buying plants, potting and repotting, watering and fertilizing, and propagation are covered. Specific processes such as repotting are broken down into steps, and illustrated with detailed photos. The text ends with a directory of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Charts showing which plants grow best in which zones are included. 

The Container Kitchen Garden is a fun and easy to read book full of gorgeous photos and great ideas. The information is presented in an easy to understand, straightforward manner. The variety of containers and plants shown are sure to leave readers inspired with ideas of how to create their own beautiful gardens.

Reviewed by pk, 6/2001. Other reviews by pk.