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Fair Ball: A Fan’s Case for Baseball

     by Costas, Bob

Fair Ball: A Fan’s Case for Baseball

Presenting himself as an avid baseball fan as well as an experienced broadcaster, Bob Costas takes both owners and players to task for what he sees as the degradation of the game of baseball in the name of greed. He explains the moves that have damaged the integrity of the game to the point of making it impossible for small market teams to contend for the World Series. He discusses how since 1993 the owners have made one wrong move after another, all in the name of higher profits, and how the wild card, interleague play, and the players’ union have all had a part in the downfall of America’s pastime. As he examines each misstep, Costas offers what he considers to be rational alternatives and compromises to restore honor to the sport of baseball.  

Whether the readers agrees with Costas or not, he sets out some compelling evidence to support his theories. He doesn’t tiptoe around the owners and players that he works closely with as a broadcaster. Costas is obviously a fan of baseball speaking up for a game that he loves and on behalf of fans without the clout and name recognition that he carries. This is definitely a book for serious baseball fans everywhere. For other journalistic commentaries on baseball try George Will's books Bunts and Men at Work.

Reviewed by ld, 7/01. Other reviews by ld.