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America: A Celebration!

     by Sandler, Martin

America: A Celebration!

America: A Celebration! displays a fascinating panorama of American life beginning with one of the earliest photographs taken in the United States and concluding with images of the nationwide celebrations welcoming the twenty-first century. Photographs of early settlers, Native Americans, elegant rail cars, steelworkers, and politicians such as Lincoln, are highlighted in the section encompassing the nineteenth century. The twentieth century is presented by decades and includes photographs of sports and film idols, striking landscapes, political and historical events and influential people. 

Reading through the pages of this book is like taking a walk through U.S. history. Many of Walker Evans' photographs of life during the Great Depression are published here, as are several of Ernst Haas's stunning color photographs. Photohistorian Martin Sandler provides brief text for each photograph, fitting each into its historic context, and sharing his insights about its importance to American culture. In addition to photography credits, the book includes an index.

Reviewed by mc, 7/01. Other reviews by mc.