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100 One-Night Reads: A Book Lover's Guide

     by Major, David

100 One-Night Reads: A Book Lover's Guide

Brothers David and John Majors worked together on this book in order to share their pleasure in reading. Their mother had encouraged them to "find a good book and read it" whenever they came to her as children looking for something to do. They have read and enjoyed each of the 100 books recommended for one-night reading. Each book selection has a 2½ or more page description, which includes information about the author as well as publication information about the title. The book descriptions go beyond a simple plot outline; they set the books in the historical context of the time in which they were written, and give the reader a guiding hand for reading pleasure. 

Looking for a really good book to read? This book will help you to find many books for your many moods. Although this work discusses books alphabetically by title, it also provides a list of titles grouped by category -- Fantasy and Saga; Fiction; History, Public Affairs, and the Environment; Humor; Memoirs; Mystery and Suspense; Science; and Travel.

Reviewed by mb, 7/01. Other reviews by mb.