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The Ghost

     by Steel, Danielle

The Ghost

Architect Charlie Waterston finds himself in need of a leave of absence after his ten-year marriage breaks up and he is forced to transfer to his firm's stodgy New York headquarters. He escapes to New England where he rents a beautiful old chateau from a kind elderly widow. Charlie becomes fascinated with the history of his adopted home and the woman whose ghost haunts it. When he finds the journals of Sarah Ferguson, the original owner of the house, he becomes consumed with her perilous journey from England, her spirited adventures in frontier America and her discovery of the love of her life. While researching Sarah Ferguson's life at the local historical society, Charlie encounters Francesca, a beautiful but bitter woman who has also been badly hurt through divorce. As they try to understand the mystery of Sarah's spirit, Charlie and Francesca must also find a way to overcome the heartbreak that haunts them both. 

Danielle Steel has long been known for her entertaining love stories. In The Ghost, she blends in historical fiction and fantasy to create a tale that is mysterious as well as romantic. Steel provides smooth transitions from her contemporary setting to the past and back again.

Reviewed by ld, 11/01. Other reviews by ld.