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A Criminal Appeal

     by Schanker, D. R.

A Criminal Appeal

Just out of law school, Nora Lumsey is clerking for an Indiana Appelate Court judge when the appeal of young Dexter Hinton crosses her desk. Dexter is a 13-year-old black, deaf child convicted of killing an elderly white woman in a drive-by shooting. Nora is assigned the task of researching the appeal and writing a brief for the judge, but when the facts and procedures of the case don't add up, Nora becomes at odds with her boss. Discovering a personal connection to the boy's grandfather, Nora breaches her ethics and risks her life to find evidence to set Dexter free. 

D. R. Schanker is a talented storyteller. His descriptions of the physical and political landscape of Indianapolis are gritty and realistic. The characters are multi-dimensional, showing vulnerability, courage and honesty in their interactions. The conclusion will be a shock, but Schanker doesn't give in to a Hollywood ending. For those who want more of Nora Lumsey, her story continues in Natural Law. For other legal suspense novels, try titles by Lisa Scottoline or Scott Turow.

Reviewed by ld, 02/02. Other reviews by ld.