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Kitchen Confidential

     by Bourdain, Anthony

Kitchen Confidential

In this hilarious autobiography, Anthony Bourdain, a famous New York chef, tells the story of what "really" happens inside a restaurant kitchen as well as his own personal story of what got him interested in cooking. Rather then creating a picture of the chef as elegant artist, Bourdain instead describes the chef community as "wacked-out moral degenerates, dope fiends, refugees, a thuggish assortment of drunks, sneak thieves, sluts, and psychopaths." Along with his ever-humorous vignettes, Bourdain also dishes out advise to restaurant-goers such as don't eat the frittata during Sunday brunch and don't order fish on Monday. 

If you love to eat, then this book is a must read. After finishing it, you'll never look at a restaurant in quite the same way again. Bourdain, in addition to his day job as a chef, is also a novelist and this autobiography is not only enjoyable but also reflects his love of language and writing.

Reviewed by aw, 3/02. Other reviews by aw.