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Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny

     by Gearin-Tosh, Michael

Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny

When Michael Gearin-Tosh, a fellow at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, was told at the age of 54 he had cancer and must undergo immediate treatment, he refused. This was partly due to his natural tendency to procrastinate, and partly to what he discovered during research into his disease. The diagnosis was multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow. Doctors told him without treatment the average life expectancy is less than one year. With treatment, life can be extended to two or three years, but there is no cure. Michael wonders: “Treatment, but no cure? Why treat if you cannot cure?” With suggestions from advisors and doctors, Michael eventually decided on his course of treatment. He tried nutrition therapy, an ancient Chinese breathing exercise followed by visualizations, and acupuncture. Eight years later he is still teaching at Oxford and enjoying life though the cancer has not disappeared from his body. 

This book is difficult to put down. Author Michael Gearin-Tosh writes about his first year after diagnosis with charm and humor in the face of life-threatening illness. There is an excellent Web site at called “Orthomolecular Oncology: A Different Cancer Charity,” which will continue to post Michael’s medical records for the benefit of patients and doctors. In addition, the Web site provides a bibliography, information regarding doctors and therapies, and other information of interest to those who have read Living Proof.

Reviewed by mc, 6/02. Other reviews by mc.