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     by Kimberling, Brian


Nathan Lochmueller is a professional bird watcher who grows up in southern Indiana. He and his best friend, both sons of professors, spend time with a gang of boys enjoying pursuits such as shooting snapping turtles off logs. After graduation from a large Indiana university with a philosophy degree, Nathan has no job and is consumed by longing for Lola, a red-haired serial dater. Nathan slides into his career as a professional bird watcher when he accepts a job from a graduate student doing research on birds. He is a natural for a job that takes him through the forests and small towns of Indiana, where he also observes a variety of human species in their natural habits.  

Snapper is a humorous, sad and altogether quirky collection of interconnected stories about the life of Nathan Lochmueller. Readers with roots in Indiana may experience a tingling in the spine from Kimberling's ability to bring to life elements of the Hoosier state. Native son Brian Kimberling left home and currently resides in England.

Reviewed by ds, 12/13. Other reviews by ds.