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The Rosie Project

     by Graeme, Simsion

The Rosie Project

As he approaches his 40th birthday, Don Tillman, a professor of genetics, comes to the realization that he needs a wife. Friends Gene and Claudia try to help with matchmaking and dating suggestions but it doesn't work due to Don's anti-social behavior. Social skills are not a part of his personality which is logical, controlling and sensible. All his past experiences with dating have been a disaster so he comes up with the wife project. The wife project involves "applicants" and a 16-page questionnaire written to help sort through all the interested women. While working towards finding a compatible wife, Don meets Rosie who fails all of Don's requirements for a future wife. But she needs help finding her biological father and since they have become friends, Don agrees to help her. 

A unique, lightly-written story about love and friendship that has enough suspense, well-written characters and drama to keep the story moving. Don is an odd and unusual character who fills the pages with his quirky obsessive personality. But it's Rosie, the free-spirited love interest, who puts the heart and soul into this romantic comedy.

Reviewed by sw, 1/14. Other reviews by sw.