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North of Boston

     by Elo, Elizabeth

North of Boston

Pirio Kasparov finds herself adrift in the North Atlantic after the fishing boat she is aboard is rammed by a freighter. Somehow she survives hours in the frigid water before being rescued but Ned, a friend and the boat's owner, dies on impact. Pirio feels a great deal of responsibility for Noah, the young son of Ned and Thomasina, her genius, alcoholic, mess of a best friend. The follow-up investigation points to an unfortunate series of events largely due to the fog but Pirio can't shake her suspicion that the boat's sinking and Ned's death were no accident. Pirio, heir to her family‚Äôs perfume dynasty, takes a break from her day job to look for answers. A curious journalist, Russell Parnell, joins the investigation and together they begin to unravel a dangerous plot involving the frigid whaling grounds of Northern Canada. 

Elizabeth Elo's debut novel introduces Pirio Kasparov along with her complex mix of friends and family. Boston's gritty waterfront plays a big part in this suspenseful, unique novel. Boston harbor, a family perfume business and the horrendous crimes of the super rich come together to form a thriller that one hopes is the first in a series of many from Elo.

Reviewed by sw, 02/14. Other reviews by sw.