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An Officer and a Spy

     by Harris, Robert

An Officer and a Spy

In 1895 French artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus is convicted of passing secret documents to the German embassy. He is publicly humiliated in front of the nation and exiled to Devil's Island. Soon afterward, military officer Georges Picquart is promoted within the intelligence unit that convicted Dreyfus. Picquart discovers that the case against Dreyfus may have been entirely manipulated by several members of the French Army. Despite being alienated by most of his peers, Picquart seeks to expose the truth about what he believes is a horrible miscarriage of justice.  

This fictionalized narrative concerning the famous Dreyfus Affair is a captivating piece of historical fiction that is full of rich period detail and intrigue. The heroic and nefarious characters are well-drawn. Harris methodically unfolds the story from the point of view of Picquart and accelerates the pace towards the gripping conclusion. Fans of literary spy novels should enjoy this engrossing thriller.

Reviewed by bb, 02/15. Other reviews by bb.