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Ghost of a Potion

     by Heather Blake

Ghost of a Potion

Carlina Bell Hartwell, or Carly to those who love her, is a white witch with a potions shop in a small southern town who has a tendency to attract all kinds of trouble. Trouble like ghosts, the meanest dog in town, and of course, murder. Hitching Post, Carly's home town, is filled with quirky characters like Carly's mischievous and dramatic triplet aunts, hypochondriac Mr. Baumgartner, Carly's cousin (and former nemesis) Delia - a dark witch specializing in hexes - and Carly's own crazy and larger-than-life mama. It's Halloween time in Hitching Post, a fun time for most but not for Carly because for the next couple of days Carly can see dead people who want her help. After a scary and dangerous encounter with an unfriendly ghost several years before, Carly's decided to "hibernate" until the ghosts go back to their graves for the year. Unfortunately before she can hide out in her home for three ghost-free days, Carly has agreed to attend a costume party hosted by the local historical society mavens in town, one of whom happens to be Carly's boyfriend's mother Patricia. Patricia and Carly have had their troubles in the past but Carly's determined to smooth things over for boyfriend Dylan's sake. Unfortunately for Carly, there's a murder and Patricia is the lead suspect. Carly will have to brave ghosts, a suspect that does not want her help, and the general zaniness that is Hitching Post to solve the murder.  

Ghost of a Potion is for those who like cozy mysteries, with a bit of romance and quirky (and sometimes just plain strange) characters. The third book in the Magic Potion Mystery series is an easy, light-hearted read that continues to build on relationships that Carly has with several interesting characters but can be read by itself and still enjoyed.

Reviewed by ks, 03/16. Other reviews by ks.