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Daughter of the Forest

     by Marillier, Juliet

Daughter of the Forest

Sorcha is surrounded, protected, and loved by her six older brothers. She's a talented healer for such a young lady, and thrives helping the sick and wounded or tending her garden. But an evil enchantress enters their household at Sevenwaters, and the children are cursed. Sorcha seeks help from the Fair Folk, and is set to accomplish a task alone and silent. But her task is disrupted when three Britons take her across the water to their land in Harrowfield. An outcast in enemy lands, Sorcha's task is her only solace, and a deep bond forms between her and the master of Harrowfield. With everything seeming to fall apart around her, Sorcha begins to wonder if her task serves any purpose at all. 

Marillier takes her time to tell a lush, beautiful story with her vivid, unhurried writing. The reader will experience Sorcha's journey as if it's their own. Reading it was like breathing. The reader loved each of her six brothers, all with varying talents and interests -- and even their propensity to speak for her when she can speak for herself. It was enjoyable watching her change from a young girl with simple joys to a young woman with a lifetime of experience guiding her intuition and heart. For anyone who fell in love with Diana Gabaldon's Outlander and wanted a dash more fantasy (and, believe it or not, an even more compelling romance), this first book in the Sevenwaters series is the one to read.

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