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The Lake House

     by Morton, Kate

The Lake House

Alice Edevane is a mystery writer in the making, plotting out stories and taking notes in a tiny journal she carries everywhere. But she could never conjure — let alone solve — the mystery that would plague her family for the rest of her life. The youngest Edevane, Theo, disappears in the middle of a Midsummer's Eve party, never to be seen again. Generations later, Sadie Sparrow, a London detective on leave for overstepping boundaries in a child abandonment case, stumbles across the estate in Cornwall while visiting her grandfather. The mystery of the missing Edevane fills her mind, bringing her right to award-winning mystery writer A.C. Edevane's doorstep. 

Morton is back with her parallel storylines, surprising characters, shocking family secrets, and -- a staple for all of Morton's works -- a gorgeous country manor. Half the journey is discovering how Alice and Sadie's stories interconnect and how the hidden narratives within impact their journeys. With verbose descriptions of the beautiful setting and the complexities of the characters and their development throughout the novel, fans of Ian McEwan's Atonement and Jessica Brockmole's Letters from Skye will devour Morton's latest.

Reviewed by lc, 09/16. Other reviews by lc.