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The Winter Witch

     by Brackston, Paula

The Winter Witch

Morgana hasn't spoken a word, not a single sound, ever since her father disappeared. Her mother, ailing and worried for Morgana, encourages her to marry Cai Jenkins, a drover and widower from a far town. Morgana is a "wild" one, a woman bonded with the earth and all its creatures, with the ability to control her surroundings, the elements, and animals' emotions. Cai finds her abilities useful for his trade, and another way for her to express herself without words. As Morgana and Cai try to adjust to their awkward situation, the town and its inhabitants are suspicious of Morgana and her strange otherworldliness. But Morgana is determined to prove herself, to make her new husband proud, and to protect the town with her powers before an evil destroys them all.  

The landscape, the lush language, the interaction with animals and townspeople, the dangers of farm life and drovers' work, and the horrible Reverend Cadwaladr and Mrs. Isolda Bowen all build upon one another to create a fantastic story. It's like reading a Bronte novel, with the wild landscape, the high winds, and the juxtaposition of peace and danger in seclusion. Fans of Elizabeth Chadwick and M.J. Rose will devour this book.

Reviewed by lc, 10/16. Other reviews by lc.