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The Hating Game

     by Thorne, Sally

The Hating Game

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman are the assistants to the co-CEOs of Bexley & Gamin, recently merged publishing houses with two very different ideas of how to run a business. From the very start, Lucy and Joshua try to one-up the other in every aspect of their job -- until an announcement is made for a new promotion, and only one of them can have it. The stakes are higher, and soon the line between hate and love is blurred, and there's more at risk than a swanky office.  

Thorne has written an intelligent and funny novel with full-fleshed protagonists the reader can root for. Tension in the office leads to romance as sweet Lucy and unnervingly clinical Josh battle for a promotion within the publishing house. Snarky banter, office humor, bookish jokes, and silly mishaps lend to a romp of a debut novel that Sophie Kinsella readers will devour!

Reviewed by lc, 10/16. Other reviews by lc.