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Curious Minds

     by Evanovich, Janet

Curious Minds

Riley Moon has just landed a great job with a large bank, thanks to her mentor Gunter. Riley has wanted nothing more than to be a financial analyst for a mega-bank and now has her dream. Her first assignment seems like a piece of cake, at least until she meets the client. Her boss has asked Riley to meet and pacify Emerson Knight, a famously wealthy eccentric genius whose gold is held in the bank's vault. Emerson believes it's missing and want's immediate visual proof it's not. When Gunter goes missing along with the gold, everyone assumes he is responsible. Emerson decides to investigate and drag Riley with him, whether she likes it or not. Their investigation has them breaking into the Federal Reserve, taking on the U.S. government and going on the run in an R.V. cross country. Emerson and Riley have to live long enough to catch those behind the missing gold and those trying to kill them. Maybe in the process Riley will figure out if Emerson is as crazy smart as she hopes or if he's just plain crazy. 

Janet Evanovich, with Phoef Sutton, brings us the first installment in the romantic suspense series Knight and Moon. Smart, independent Riley Moon is the perfect foil for quirky genius Emerson Knight. This book is a fun and fast read that mixes a little romance, mystery and suspense with a large side of laughs.

Reviewed by ks, 10/16. Other reviews by ks.