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Leave Me

     by Forman, Gayle

Leave Me

Maribeth Klein is too busy to notice she's experiencing a heart attack. During an annual doctor visit, Maribeth is sent straight to the hospital for emergency bypass surgery. When she's discharged under strict orders to not overexert herself, her family seems to think not being in the hospital is the equivalent of being well -- and her stress levels rise exponentially. So she does the unthinkable: packs up and runs away. But as Maribeth finds the peace she so desperately needs, how will she ever go back to her family after what she's done? 

In Gayle Forman's debut adult novel, the reader is introduced to a hardworking, driven, compassionate character that is equally relatable and sympathetic. Maribeth meets a variety of people in Pittsburgh -- adorably funny college neighbors Todd and Sunny, sweet cardiologist Stephen with dark history, and enthusiastic birth-mother-hunting Janice --- who help her calm down, revitalize, reevaluate, and heal inside and out. Fans of Jodi Picoult and Rainbow Rowell will be drawn to Forman's raw, honest, and compelling narrative.

Reviewed by lc, 10/16. Other reviews by lc.