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A Deadly Affection

     by Overholt, Cuyler

A Deadly Affection

Dr. Genevieve Summerford was not supposed to practice medicine; it was her young brother who was supposed to follow in their father's footsteps. As the daughter of a society doctor, her role was to marry into a good family and become a model wife and mother. But the death of her brother and the guilt associated with his death pushes Genevieve into medical school, an uncommon path for a woman in 1907. Focusing on psychiatry, Genevieve creates a group psychotherapy program to work with women suffering physical pain from unresolved grief. When one of the women in the group is charged with murder, Genevieve becomes involved in an investigation that pits her against the police and family and rekindles a forbidden romance. 

Overholt's debut novel successfully blends historical fiction, mystery and women's fiction. The historical setting provides a window into a vibrant New York City and the foundation for a mystery based on medical research at the turn of the century. The detective is an intelligent working woman who is expected to follow the restrictive social norms of her time. Mystery fans who enjoy historical mystery series with strong female detectives should check out this first book in an expected series.

Reviewed by ds, 11/16. Other reviews by ds.