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The Dragon Behind the Glass

     by Voigt, Emily

The Dragon Behind the Glass

While spending time with an environmental pet detective in New York City, journalist Emily Voigt has her interest piqued as she uncovers information on a popular black market fish—-the Asian arowana. Also known as the dragon fish, the arowana is one of the most exotic and expensive aquarium fish in the world, with several being sold for more than $100,000. Voigt uses her sense of adventure and curiosity to trek across the world in an attempt to locate an arowana in the wild. During her journey she scours exotic fish farms, attends aquarium conventions, befriends fish breeders and develops fascinating friendships with several academics and explorers. Her pursuit takes her to Singapore, Thailand, Tokyo and Brazil as she attempts to discover why the arowana generates so much excitement and passion among fish collectors. 

Voigt has written an accessible and entertaining account of her quest to find a wild Asian arowana. The book is part travelogue, part history of aquariums and fish, and part exploration of the diversity of nature and animals. Voigt embeds herself into the story and provides many instances of humor as well as a myriad of interesting facts to create a thoroughly enjoyable and thought- provoking read, a blend of adventure, science and history.

Reviewed by bb, 12/16. Other reviews by bb.