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Lady Bridget's Diary

     by Rodale, Maya

Lady Bridget's Diary

Lord Colin Darcy is the perfect gentleman who has ruthless control over his emotions. Then he meets the new Duke of Durham's sister, Lady Bridget Cavendish. The duke and his sisters are from America and are completely disreputable, especially Bridget who makes his acquaintance when she falls at his feet at a ball. As Bridget tries to change into the quintessential lady the London aristocracy expects her to be, Lord Darcy realizes that he prefers her as she is even if it means she disturbs his calm and controlled life. When disaster befalls the Cavendish family, thanks to Bridget's diary, Lord Darcy must step in, save the day and prove to Bridget that he's not too proud to love a headstrong, troublesome American lady. 

Lady Bridget's Diary gives more than a few nods to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice but gives readers a feisty, determined American heroine who, despite her best attempts at trying never able to seems to master all the fashionable rules. Lady Bridget and Lord Darcy show us that love and family are far more important than being the perfect lady or gentleman.

Reviewed by ks, 12/16. Other reviews by ks.