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My Not So Perfect Life

     by Kinsella, Sophie

My Not So Perfect Life

Katie wants nothing more than to be successful just like her boss, Demeter. She seems to have it all, and Katie both admires and resents her for it. She needs an opportunity to prove to Demeter she can do more for the branding company than plugging in survey responses. But when Katie's suddenly let go, she heads back to her father's farm and tries to piece together a new life. Little does she know, London comes calling in the summer when Demeter and her family decide to vacation in Katie's father's new glamping resort. After several muddy fiascos and revealed disguises, Katie and Demeter piece together the sneaky vendettas within the London company, and do their very best to make things right again. 

The entire novel focuses on perception, both in real life and online. Not everything is as it seems, and it takes some investigation and proper observation to find the truth. The story is part office dramedy, part love story, and all about navigating adulthood with as much professionalism and gumption as one can muster. Toss in the hilarious scenes Kinsella is known to do, and fans of Cecelia Ahern, the Bridget Jones series, and Kinsella are in for a treat!

Reviewed by lc, 01/17. Other reviews by lc.