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The Duchess War

     by Milan, Courtney

The Duchess War

Wilhelmina Pursling is not all that she appears to be. In Victorian England, "Minnie" purposefully leads a subdued existence, living in a modest home with her two great- aunts and keeping to the outskirts of social gatherings. When incendiary pamphlets appear throughout the town, inciting workers to protest unfair working conditions, Minnie must find their author before the mystery casts suspicion on her own secrets. An awkward incident at her friend's gathering gains her the notice of the town's newest resident: Robert Blaisdell, the Duke of Clermont. No ordinary Duke, he has a dark past of his own that has taught him to champion those who might benefit from his position in society. As the paths of Minnie and Robert intersect, each must decide to safeguard their heart or hope that someone might love them for their true selves. 

This first volume in the Brothers Sinister series offers up an unusual premise for a historical romance, but also provides a steamy and satisfying ending. Readers will cheer for Minnie as her courage develops and her self-worth builds. Witty banter, plot twists, and underlying human rights issues make this an extraordinary romance novel. If you enjoy the headstrong, intelligent heroines of Tessa Dare's books, give The Duchess War a try.

Reviewed by cs, 01/17. Other reviews by cs.