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Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk

     by Rooney, Kathleen

Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk

It is New Year’s Eve 1984. Lillian Boxfish is having dinner at Grimaldi’s at five by herself (a New Year’s Eve tradition) but has time to kill before then. So she decides to walk to a bar in her neighborhood for a pre- dinner drink. After dinner Lillian isn’t ready to go home so she starts walking to another destination and then another. Lillian has always been a walker and at 85 she is still capable of walking long distances. By the time the evening is done, she will have walked more than 10 miles. Along the way, Lillian shares her life story, re-evaluating the choices she made and reflecting on how the places she visits have changed.  

This novel is a work of fiction but the character of The The character of Lillian Boxfish is based, in part, on Margaret Fishback, an accomplished poet and the highest paid female advertising copywriter in the world during the 1930s, who began her career at R. H. Macy’s. Written in the first-person, chapters alternate between the past and the present. By the end of her walk, the reader will have gotten to know an interesting, witty and remarkable woman.

Reviewed by co, 2/17. Other reviews by co.