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All Our Wrong Todays

     by Mastai, Elan

All Our Wrong Todays

Hover cars and Jetsons-like dressing machines? We should have them in 2016, at least according to Tom Barren. His version of 2016 has all those things and more: world peace, and end to hunger, teleportation, and technological solutions to practically every problem that exists (and even some things we never considered problems). But a time travel goof set in motion in Barren's 2016 leads to the erasure of the world he knew and his insertion into our timeline. Barren has to figure out if it's possible to fix his error, but the longer he spends in this new timeline, the less he wants to go back to his own. 

Fans of Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife and Dexter Palmer's Version Control will enjoy the fast-paced suspense of All Our Wrong Todays, as well as the tongue-in-cheek humor and self-deprecating narrator. Fans of hard science fiction might find it a bit lacking in scientific detail, but the narrative works well without getting bogged down with the details. Tom doesn't know how or why things work, they just do. He's not the scientific genius--he's just the aimless son of a genius whose foray into time travel is just one in a line of failed ventures and disappointments. The puzzle of how to get his timeline back is intriguing, as is the puzzle over whether or not he should. The story's twists, turns, and dips makes for a very compelling read.

Reviewed by ba, 03/17. Other reviews by ba.