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A Window Opens

     by Egan, Elisabeth

A Window Opens

Alice Pearse is a happy wife, mother of three, dutiful daughter, part-time editor, and loyal neighbor. When her husband decides to make a radical career change, she takes the reins and lands a job at Scroll, a young start- up that promises to be the future of reading in the digital age. She is going to be a full-time working mother, happy in her career and her personal life. But as her father's health declines, her marriage flounders, and her work takes an unexpected turn, Alice begins to wonder if the question isn't if it's possible to have it all, but does she know what she really wants? 

A simple story well-told, this book is a perfect read in our social media-obsessed age. Mothers and working women will identify with Alice and her honest humor as she navigates a new job, experiences the next stage of a marriage, and watches the declining health of her father. Validating, entertaining, and true to life, Egan delivers a fantastic story and a cast of characters perfect for fans of Where'd You Go, Bernadette? and The Knockoff.

Reviewed by lc, 04/17. Other reviews by lc.