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Egg Shop: The Cookbook

     by Korbee, Nick

Egg Shop: The Cookbook

Eggs aren't just for breakfast anymore, and New York chef Nick Korbee gives them their due in Egg Shop: The Cookbook, which shares recipes from New York City's popular Egg Shop restaurant in addition to other eggy favorites of Korbee's. Recipes span cuisines, and nestled between them are often funny, always educational musings from the chef on a variety of topics, from why fresh, seasonal ingredients are best (and which fruits and veggies can stand in as year-round kitchen staples), to the merits of knowing your butcher. The overall theme is quality in, quality out. Korbee advocates for fresh, local products whenever possible and uses those products in a huge array of globetrotting recipes that span breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even cocktails. There's something for every taste, from Denver omelets to the infamously delicate (and hard to make) Japanese tamagoyaki omelet, with detours into French, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisine, just to name a few. 

Korbee's conversational tone makes the cookbook extremely readable, and his innovative recipes make for mouthwatering photographs sprinkled throughout the book. Far from being just about eggs, Korbee includes chapters on the sauces, sides, and other ingredients that can elevate eggs to savory entrees. There's an entire chapter on preserving foods, with recipes for chutney, confit, pickled vegetables, and more, all of which are presented in easy-to-understand terms that can help even beginner cooks successfully navigate them. There are plenty of old-standards (think omelets, egg scrambles, baked eggs, egg sandwiches) included in the recipes, but also fusion recipes like Dashi Panisse, a French-Japanese hybrid recipe that combines flavors and techniques from two cuisines. With his laid-back writing style and innovative recipes, Korbee has put together a book that will please egg lovers everywhere.

Reviewed by ba, 05/17. Other reviews by ba.