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The Alice Network

     by Quinn, Kate

The Alice Network

Eve Gardiner's stutter has held her back for ages. Everyone assumes she's a half-wit — except for one man who can tell she's sharp, cunning, and intelligent. She's recruited to work as a spy in a restaurant run by a collaborator in France, and trained alongside Lili, who manages an entire network of secret agents during World War I. Thirty years later, Charlie St. Clair is on a mission to find her missing cousin, and runs away from her mother and their travel plans to get rid of her "Little Problem" in Switzerland. Recruiting Eve's assistance, Eve and Charlie work together to find Charlie's cousin, come to the truth of the disbanding of the Alice Network, and seek revenge on the man who links these ladies together across the years. 

The pages of Quinn's novel fly by, with it's parallel narratives, two wartime heroines, and remarkable depth of character. Eve and Charlie were ahead of their time. With the support and confidence of other like-minded individuals, Eve and Charlie were able to forge their own paths and facing all sorts of horrifying circumstances and tremendous adversity. Powerful, interesting, and with great emotional pull, fans of The Nightingale and Masterpiece PBS's Bletchley Circle will devour this moving novel.

Reviewed by lc, 06/17. Other reviews by lc.