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Dangerous Minds

     by Evanovich, Janet

Dangerous Minds

A missing island, a Buddhist monk, and a militant wing of the National Park Service might sound like a joke to most people, but to Emerson Knight it sounds like an adventure. The eccentric (or maybe just crazy) billionaire has been asked by Wayan Bagus, a Buddhist monk, to help locate his missing island which is normally located near Samoa. Riley Moon, Emerson's girl Friday, and Emerson's cousin Vernon are swept along on Emerson's crazy adventure. The deeper they dig the stranger and more deadly things get. Once again they are racing against time to solve the mystery, but this time they have to save the world from destruction at the hands of...the National Park Service?  

Dangerous Minds is the second installment in Janet Evanovich's Knight and Moon series and might just be zanier and more improbable than the first book of the series. While trying to prevent murder and mayhem, Knight and Moon can't seem to resist danger or each other. Evanovich produces another fast-paced funny adventure that will leave you anticipating the next Knight and Moon book!

Reviewed by ks, 7/17. Other reviews by ks.