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The Paper Magician

     by Charlie N. Holmberg

The Paper Magician

After years of hard work and study, Ceony Twill is hoping to be assigned to her first choice of magic, bespelling metal. Once bonded with a type of magic, a magician can only use that particular type of magic and Ceony, having graduated at the top of her class, assumes she will get her wish to learn the art that has the most respect and prestige. Unfortunately, there are other plans for Ceony and she is assigned to a reclusive and odd magician, Emery Thane, who will teach her the much more lackluster paper magic. Despite her despondence and lack of enthusiasm over this apprenticeship (what good is paper magic?), Ceony finds herself intrigued by Thane and his amazing paper creations. Just as the magician and his apprentice start to build a relationship, a deadly encounter with an evil and deadly magician puts Thane's life in danger and changes everything. Ceony must now use the little bit of paper magic she has learned from her teacher and open her heart to save his. 

This is a delightful book from writer Charlie N. Holmberg and is the first in The Paper Magician Trilogy. Although the book is short, there is a great deal of action and the adventure Ceony ends up taking is very unique. The Paper Magician might appeal to fans of Patricia Wrede and J.K. Rowling with it's whimsical magical realism.

Reviewed by ks, 7/17. Other reviews by ks.