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     by Maum, Courtney


Sloane Jacobsen is a trend forecaster and very good at her job. Her almost psychic connection to the future means she's in demand in the corporate world, which brings her and her long-term partner Roman from Paris to New York City when Sloane takes a contract with a technology firm. Roman's work takes him in a very different philosophical direction than Sloane's, and soon she finds herself with a crumbling relationship, a tenuous grasp on her high-profile job, and a lack of certainty about her own future that leaves her adrift. Society has become touch-phobic and tech-obsessed, and Sloane is unwittingly (and unwillingly) in the eye of the storm with her predictions that contrary to current forecasts, intimacy will make a comeback and tech will experience a downturn. 

Sloane has her finger on the pulse of the world, but is shockingly out of touch with herself. Even though Sloane is in her forties, this novel has the feel of a coming- of-age story. Estranged from her family, unhappy in her romantic life, and frustrated with her new job, Sloane is on the edge of a precipice. She has to decide who she is and give herself permission to live the kind of life she wants. Maum writes with a lot of humor, but there is a sharp edge to her words that makes this both an enjoyable page-turner and a thought-provoking satire about the dangers of wholeheartedly embracing technology.

Reviewed by ba, 08/17. Other reviews by ba.