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The Royal Nanny

     by Harper, Karen

The Royal Nanny

Charlotte Bill arrives in Sandringham in 1897 to care for a generation of royals. Neither Charlotte (Lala as the children name her) nor anyone else can predict that the eldest sons David and Bertie will each one day be king. Lala knows these children, and the four siblings that follow, need her loyalty and unconditional affection. The greatest impact on Lala's life is made by the final child, a misunderstood and sickly child who will one day be known as the Lost Prince. Prince John needs all of Lala's love and devotion -- the kind his parents are unable to show him. 

Charlotte Bill was a nanny to the royals from 1897-1919. Her presence in Sandringham rescued David and Bertie, and each child thereafter, from terrible nannies. She was a balm for the family as well as they grieved Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, cousin Tsar Nicholas, and the bloody war with cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II across the decades. Lala's legacy lives on in the royal family today: her dedication and love for Johnny, the youngest prince with epilepsy and autism, who was hidden from view of the public, is the shining example of loving parenting, royal or otherwise. Bewitching, charming, intriguing, and fascinating, this novel is perfect for royal history buffs and fans of The King's Speech and Downton Abbey.

Reviewed by lc, 08/17. Other reviews by lc.