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Dead Woman Walking

     by Bolton, Sharon

Dead Woman Walking

Policewoman Jessica Lane and her sister Isabel, a nun, are among thirteen people enjoying an early morning balloon ride near the Scottish border above Northumberland National Park. As the pilot lowers the balloon to obtain a better view of a castle, the passengers witness a man, a gypsy named Patrick Faa, chasing and ultimately bludgeoning to death a woman in a nearby field. Realizing he must silence the witnesses, Faa manages to shoot the pilot, causing the balloon to abruptly descend and hit several power lines. The killer chases down the plunging balloon on his motorbike and murders the remaining survivors, except for Jessica. Disoriented and mourning the death of her beloved sister, Jessica goes on the run. Pursued by the authorities as well as Faa and his family full of criminals, Jessica is determined to survive and seek justice.  

Bolton delivers edge of your seat action from the very first page as the terrifying balloon crash leads to a chase through the countryside. The plot is clever and gripping. The author seamlessly moves from the present day to the past as the reader learns more about Jessica's family as she attempts to avoid capture. Short, suspenseful chapters make this a quick, electrifying read that is hard to put down.

Reviewed by bb, 9/17. Other reviews by bb.