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     by Sloan, Robin


When Lois Clary is recruited to move from Michigan to San Francisco by an elite robotics software engineering company, she feels excited to finally be wooed for her skills. But Lois quickly feels alone in the city, working long hours and making little time to stop and eat. One day she discovers a new advertisement for a food delivery service nearby and decides to give it a try. Soon she is calling in orders for spicy soup and sourdough bread every night, but her favorite meals come to an end when the business-owning brothers are forced to leave the US due to visa issues. However, they leave behind their most unusual sourdough starter, entrusting its fate to Lois, who has no experience with baking. Inspired by the brothers and eager to try something new, Lois begins learning how to care for the starter, which she finds has a magical life of its own. Her newfound knowledge makes her a fan with coworkers and neighbors, until she is invited to an unusual and secretive farmer's market that will change her life. 

This quirky second novel from the author of Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore is as fulfilling and satisfying as a steamy, crusty loaf of sourdough, hot from the oven. Readers will find plenty of geeky humor and may enjoy the references to San Francisco culture.

Reviewed by cs, 09/17. Other reviews by cs.