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The Child Finder

     by Denfeld, Rene

The Child Finder

On a snowy December day, a five-year-old girl goes missing in the wilds of an Oregon forest. She can't have wandered far, and three years later her parents have not given up hope that Madison is still alive, somewhere. They hire Naomi Cottle -- an investigator known as "The Child Finder." Naomi methodically traces the girl's final steps, checking historical maps of the area and profiling the eccentric people who choose to live in this remote and harsh area. All the while, she battles the demons of her own past and struggles with what living a "normal" life might mean for her. For Naomi was once lost herself, and she will need every ounce of her own survival instincts to follow this case to its breathtaking end. 

Rene Denfeld has once again crafted a haunting story that touches on the capacity of our minds to help us overcome horrible and devastating situations. Her strong characterizations and lyrical writing style will draw readers in, while the novel's sense of place is so vivid that readers will feel transported to the setting's snowy woods. This literary suspense might appeal to fans of Lisa Gardner.

Reviewed by cs, 10/17. Other reviews by cs.