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Sisters First: Stories from our Wild and Wonderful Life

     by Hager, Jenna Bush and Bush, Barbara Pierce

Sisters First: Stories from our Wild and Wonderful Life

Sisters First is a sweet memoir written by Jenna and Barbara Bush, twins who grew up in the spotlight as members of an American political dynasty. The way the book is written makes you feel as if you are sitting at the dinner table with the family listening to stories. Jenna and Barbara narrate alternating chapters throughout this quick read. Included are some funny stories and photographs as well as letters and emails full of advice they received from their parents and grandfather. One memorable chapter describes how members of the Bush family dealt with decisions made in response to the attacks on 9/11. The love and respect both girls have for their parents, grandparents and each other is evident throughout the book. 

Heartwarming stories of life in Texas, visiting the White House and spending summers in Maine with extended family make this an entertaining read. Because this book was written by young women who grew up with both a grandfather and a father who served as President of the United States, they provide a unique view as witnesses to American history. The book also provides updates about what the girls, their parents and grandparents are doing today. Recommended for people who enjoy biographies written in short story form.

Reviewed by bam, 01/18. Other reviews by bam.