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Into Thin Air

     by Krakauer, Jon

Into Thin Air

Mount Everest claimed the lives of many climbers before it was successfully summited in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary. Since then, hundreds of climbers have climbed the 29,028 feet to the top of Everest. With the advent of easily accessible technology such as supplemental oxygen, the mountain has attracted many more climbers. An entire industry was born, with experienced mountain climbers guiding clients with little or no experience up the mountain. Rob Hall, a successful guide from New Zealand, left Kathmandu with just such an expedition in March of 1996. Jon Krakauer was a member of this expedition. Into Thin Air is an account of this ill-fated expedition to the summit of Everest. Krakauer, a writer, was along to document the attempt for "Outside" magazine. He chronicles the trip up the mountain, the acclimatization the climbers must go through, and the final push to summit the mountain on May 10, 1996. 

This is a fun and easy read. Krakauer's style lures you in and keeps you interested in the story from the very beginning. Outdoor enthusiasts will really enjoy this book.

Reviewed by pk, 3/99. Other reviews by pk.