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The Healing Home

     by Chiazzari, Suzy

The Healing Home

While discussing the traditional uses of color, light and sensory aspects in our homes, this book goes much further. The chapters are given titles such as "The Color Sanctury," "The Lighthouse" and "The Breathing Home." The aspects of our homes can be used to nuture these structures, creating positive energy so that our homes can, in turn, nurture us. The author's purpose is to help the reader make her or his home a place "to nourish and feed our soul" so that the home becomes a place from which we recreate ourselves for life in the world. 

There have been many decorating books I have perused in 15 minutes or less. This book, however, so intrigued me that I actually read it. While I did not incorporate most of her ideas into my home, the book made me realize that my home is not just a structure but is a part of my spiritual life which can help me to be healthy and emotionally strong. Our homes have energy which we nurture by thinking positively about ourselves, by our rituals (such as spring cleaning), and by the use of color, light, textures, sounds and smells. I would like to own this book and reread it often to remind myself of the importance of my home to my well being.

Reviewed by cp, 6/99. Other reviews by cp.