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Four Corners

     by Salak, Kira

Four Corners

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is not really the place for a young woman to take a solo journey for adventure but that is exactly what Kira Salak does and writes about in this book. Papua New Guinea is a raw and untamed country east of Indonesia between the Coral Sea and the South Pacific Ocean. Kira is a 25-year-old thrill seeker who is drawn to danger but her journey across PNG turns out to be as much about self discovery as it is about thrills and conquests. Half way through her journey Kira notes that "Quite unexpectedly, I'm beginning to see this trip to New Guinea in a different way. Not as an endurance test, but as a test in a new sort of faith, a trusting that I will be shown a kind world if I can only learn to slow down." Kira's journey is brutal and many of her decisions foolish but her experiences and storytelling are both fun and educational.  

Kira Salak has received a Writers at Work Fellowship and AWP/Prague Fellowship award in Nonfiction. She portrays herself as a strong-willed, independent women who makes some very reckless and foolish decisions on her "quest" to cross the island of New Guinea. People who like adventure stories, memoirs and travelogues will enjoy this book.

Reviewed by sw, 07/03. Other reviews by sw.