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A Glorious Way to Die

     by Spurr, Russell

A Glorious Way to Die

A Glorious Way to Die chronicles the last and suicidal mission of the great Japanese World War II battleship, Yamato. Incorporating eyewitness accounts of both Japanese and Allied participants, Russell Spurr gives us a very readable and exciting story of the last days of the great ship. He also presents an overview of the suicide campaign young Japanese pilots conducted against Allied ships. The maps depicting the battle actions were clear and easy to follow. In addition, the book shows that not all Japanese naval officers agreed with the fanatical desire to defend to the death the losing cause of the Emperor and his high command. 

The use of eyewitness accounts makes you feel as though you were experiencing the fear, frustration, and courage of the men involved. The book also gives the reader an insight into the conflicts between various parties in Japan during the closing days of the war. This reviewer highly recommends this book to anyone interested in naval history or World War II.

Reviewed by sc, 6/99. Other reviews by sc.