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Your Future Self

     by Whittemore, Hank

Your Future Self

In today's field of bioscience, physicians and scientists are able to observe, with the help of special imaging techniques, the molecular basis of our bodies. Your Future Self is the first book written for the non-scientist that tries to explain, as well as show, the basic cellular structure of our bodies. The reader is treated to wonderful images of the cells of our immune systems attacking foreign invaders in our bodies. The chapters on our gentic material contain incredible pictures showing three dimensional surface profiles of x and y chromosomes. The chapters on the brain proceed from the workings of our neurons to the different stages of the developing brain of an infant. Included in the book are remarkable pictures of invasive cancer cells and the basic effects of drugs on cells. The reader is privilege to a fascinating trip through the most elemental cellular level of our bodies. 

This reviewer highly recommends this book to the general public. It is very understandable and the images of the cells are truly photographic art.

Reviewed by sc, 7/99. Other reviews by sc.