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Confederates in the Attic

     by Horwitz, Tony

Confederates in the Attic

Tony Horwitz takes the reader on a delightful trip through Civil War Battlefields of America. His journeys with "hardcore" reenactors were funny and revealing of a desire by these men and women to preserve history. The appealing aspect of this book is the men and women the author met while on his two year journey. The Civil War passionately holds these people in its grip and the author attempts to show why. He is never condescending and does an admirable job of trying to stay unbiased. 

The people you meet in Horwitz's book will make you laugh out loud, but some may make you uneasy with their extreme views. This reviewer recommends this book as a way to gain more knowledge of people and places still affected by the Civil War.

Reviewed by sc, 7/99. Other reviews by sc.