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American Heritage Great Minds of History

     by Mudd, Roger

American Heritage Great Minds of History

In Great Minds of History, journalist Roger Mudd conducts lively question and answer sessions with five renowned historical authors. Author Stephen Ambrose talks about the period between World War II and the present with interesting insights into Eisenhower and Nixon. David McCullough covers the early 20th century in this country and how it shaped our modern world. James McPherson, who writes about the Civil War, provides insight into how the legacy of defeat has affected both the North and the South. The westward expansion of America is discussed by Richard White and he surprisingly names Buffalo Bill Cody as one of our most important Western historians. Gordon Wood deals with the history of the American Revolution. According to this author, the success of our revolt against England was never a sure thing. 

The questions asked by Roger Mudd allow the historians to tell the stories behind their research and how the history has affected them. This book is easy as well as fun to read. It is great to meet these authors.

Reviewed by sc, 8/99. Other reviews by sc.